A wellknown news magazine assembled a panel of 22 experts in nutrition and diet to make the best choice.


Diets are on the lips of many North Americans as well as Mexicans. Diet methods and programs are available everywhere. You can find them in bookstores, on the internet, and every downtown seems to have a diet “center,” but which are the cream of the crop, with proven success, and that provide a healthy balance of food that allows you to drop the pounds you need?

You’ve heard that obesity increases the risk of heart disease and diabetes. But you might not know that the extra weight can have other serious health consequences, including cancer.

A new study found that 10 percent of all gallbladder, kidney, liver, and colon cancers could be attributed to excess weight. A whopping 41 percent of uterine cancers were tied to obesity,

More than 36 percent of Americans are now considered obese, an additional 34 percent are considered overweight. That is 70% of the 300 million people.

U.S. News can tell you, as they checked the nutritional completeness and safety of 20 different weight-loss systems and came up with a ranking that can help you make an informed decision.

You can view products at www.ariixpresentation.com

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Six things that every person should bear in mind…

 “Ultimately, there’s only one way to start your future, and that’s by starting a business”


  1. Think about what drives you

When you’re considering which idea to turn into a business, think about the subjects and problems that interest you most. Is there an industry you love? A talent you have, a cause that you are 110% behind? Don’t start a business just because you think it’ll turn a profit; if you’re not in love with the idea, you won’t move mountains to make it happen.


2. Start at your doorstep

Now that you have decided on the area you’d like to focus on, look around yourself. What is the market missing that it desperately needs? Which services do you and your friends use that are lackluster and could be hugely improved? Think about how your business could help your street, your neighborhood and your city. From there, you might someday expand to bigger markets.

The least risk is an online business.

An easy way to start = http://gotbackup.com/early-bird/index.php?id=JohannesBach


3. Shake things up

As you design your product or service, remember your resolve to serve the public; business is about improving other people’s lives. Hopefully, once you’ve done that, more money comes in than goes out.

Always launch a . . . . .

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Computer Hard-drives are failing, back-up devices are crashing, Cell Phones get stolen. FRIGHTENING statistics


When you Google  http://www.worldbackupday.com/en/
You will see FRIGHTENING statistics. Are you one of them?

What is backup?
A backup is a second copy of all your important files — for
example, your family photos, home videos, documents and emails.

Instead of storing it all in one place (like your computer), you
keep another copy of everything somewhere safe.

But why should I backup?
Losing your files is way more common than you’d think.
Ever lost your phone, camera or tablet? That counts.
Your stuff could have been saved with a backup.


One small accident or failure could destroy all the
important stuff you care about.
30% of people have never backed up,
113 phones lost or stolen everywhere EVERY MINUTE,
29% of disasters are caused by accident and
1 in 10 computers infected with viruses each month.

So how do I backup?
Most people backup their files in one of two ways:
(1)    to an external drive/USB, or (2) somewhere on the Internet.
These devices have a high failure rate and files will be lost forever.

A safer way to start saving your files to the internet is by using

to backup the most important things.

It’s really easy, and you only need to set it up once and forget about it.

Almost all “online drives” usually don’t have too much space, and
only backup one folder on your computer.
However, this is great for students and businesspeople who
need to keep their most important documents safe.

Backing up your whole computer

You need to take 2 seconds out of your day and get on the “Early Bird”
notification list.


That is exactly why you need to Read the rest of this entry »

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Make Money Working Online in a short period of time.


My story is simple and straight forward. I wanted to make money on the internet.
Who does not want to make money without having to leave their homes? Most people want to.

If you want to start working online and earn a stable income from it, then rest assured there are
a lot of opportunities all over the web. All it takes is for you to have a BIG WHY you want to do it
and have decided it is your passion; you can learn HOW to do it with the person who sponsors you and
all the online training that is offered with your business.  You can pick the industry which
completely suits you, but the most profitable will be to choose an industry that 80% of people
would want or desire to have.

One of the most profitable money-making opportunities that you can do is to show the Internet
World how easy it is to “Back-Up” computer files, Laptop data, Cell-Phone info or iPad info,
(documents, photo’s etc) in the cloud that can be downloaded anywhere in the world via Internet.

1. Got-Back-Up” is the best and latest and safest opportunity – view this short video here:

Got-Back-Up Safe System    http://gotbackup.com/early-bird/index.php?id=JohannesBach


If you are concerned that anyone can and will lose important Documents, Files, Names, Phone numbers or
Photo’s , then this on-line system  is a powerful and simple system. It is called “Set and forget Back-Up System”.
I use it because it offers the safest and best cost saving system. You can offer this opportunity to anyone with a computer, laptop, Cell-Phone or iPad, and generate one hundred percent profit for your own sign-ins and 50% for those they bring to the system.

No cold calling, just share it with people and use Social Media to expose the system.
This easily can become a full-time income opportunity. All training is free. The learning curve is less than a week.

2. Also a nice money making solution is in cost effective Web Hosting.  This home office business proposal
gives you the opportunity to generate income online.


This is everything about having your own web hosting facility (at Global Virtual Opportunity)  combined
with email-responder, video making account (the most cost effective system anywhere) and promote this
web-hosting facility around the world. All the training is provided for free.

You need to think about integrating this web host re-selling venture with your web development,
turning and design business to earn also higher. Preserving an extremely dependable web site which
you can make use of as yours on the internet and this will certainly enable you to successfully
interact with prospect and clients. I enjoy working with this easy “all-inclusive-web-hosting” system.

These two programs allow you earn a particular commission for every purchase made by buyers.
Expect to earn a more secure income from these internet opportunities, starting part-time and
as you learn to earn you do it on a full-time bases from anywhere on the internet world.
After all if you apply basic SEO marketing tips and have a business plan then you can start
working at home and set your own business hours and financial freedom.

3. Begin a blog and promote these opportunities or any Amazon Affiliate product that you like to promote.
Setting up and maintaining a blog is a great way to earn money online. You can jump on board with a “Google Adsense” account where you can earn money for every click that you receive from your blog. Although these clicks often get you only a few cents, you can earn some hard cash with proper marketing. Design and build websites for people on the web to make some extra cash on the side. This is a great way to showcase the skills that you have using programs like http://JohannesBach.hostthenprofit.com   Use these business ideas to earn money on the internet because you can assist many people to start their own home-business and in turn they can help others again. A Win-Win situation for all.

For more details contact us: Johann.Juliet.Bach@gmail.com

Skype = HannesBach



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  1. Backup your Computers or Devices. Online backup for your computer.
  2. Runs in the Background. Syncs, updates, and secures your files in the background
  3. Access Files on your Mobile Device. Free apps for iOS and Android let you view your files from anywhere
  4. Stream Music and Movies from GotBackup. Watch movies or listen to your music on your browser or mobile device.
  5. Safe & Secure. Your online files are encrypted with military grade AES-256 to keep them safe.
  6. Mac or Windows. Requires Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or later, and Windows XP or later.

I have been getting such good feedback on my honesty and transparency.

This is Incredible!!!   http://gotbackup.com/early-bird/index.php?id=JohannesBach

Two things:

1. If you use Facebook.. (and I know you do)

2. If you are looking to make a full time income from home..

Then please check this out NOW it is the most
amazing system that I have have ever seen for
making money from home!!

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But hurry… timing is everything, this is ready now,
you can get in a day before anyone else!!

–Johannes Bach

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Cholesterol levels are running at an ALL-TIME high

Millions of people are leaving Corporate Companies in the Western world to pursue their own life desires and on their own terms due to economic lay-offs or merges. 

I changed my Corporate mindset. I’ve been caught a few times by scam artists until my Medical professional mentored me to get “My-WHY”.
Now you can “Get-Your-Why”  >>> http://GetYourY.com <<<

The products are listed in the PHYSICIAN’S DESK REFERENCE  – – – PDR

Health is a number ONE priority, without health regardless of money, you cannot enjoy life.

There are three unique and proven nutritional formulations that work together synergistically to help stabilize blood sugar levels, (to control Type-2 Diabetes) to optimize cholesterol levels, reduce weight, and improve bodily functions.

 Check this introduction video, it’s a real eye opener and a life changer.
“Get-Your-Why” http://GetYourY.com

Request more information here >>> http://GoodLife4All.MLBrevenue.com <<<

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Selfies to check CHOLESTEROL levels

>>  Get the detailed info from this link  <<

There’s a new device that allows you to use your iPhone to determine your cholesterol level in a minute. Developed by engineers at Cornell, the Smartphone Cholesterol Application for Rapid Diagnostics, also known as the “smartCARD,” aims to replace more complicated cholesterol-testing systems. 

UNICITY products have been developed to rectify CHOLESTEROL and Type-2 Diabetes levels    << See what the Health Practioner says >>


Stop Obesity NOW

Stop Obesity NOW

Get the detailed info from this link


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Take Steps to reduce the high Cholesterol and Type-2 Diabetes levels which put you at risk.

Cholesterol – what you can do to lower your level

>> Get the full details are on my SPECIAL BLOG <<


What should my cholesterol level be?

What can I do to improve my cholesterol level and control my Type-2 Diabetes?

Suggestions: Eat more of these foods or Eat less of these foods

What are the Risk factors .

2010 - Mexico Mission Trip Sony 066 N

Get info here  >>>  The full details are on my SPECIAL BLOG    <<<


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Why did they laugh at him?

The Simple 3-Step Formula Is The Lucrative Solution, that’s why.
Change your Home-Base Business from one of frustration to one of shouting for joy.
Sign up here, and let’s work as a team together. http://www.JohannesBach.EmpowerNetwork.com

Unicity Leadership Summit

UNICITY Leadership Summit – SALT LAKE City










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Help Type-2 Diabetes



Normalize BLOOD Sugar

Heart attacks reduction,

Juliet and I teamed up with Business and Medical Professionals, it’s the best move we’ve made to help others.

We have the distribution rights of products to help people increase their Energy levels, to help Type-2-Diabetes sufferers, to achieve the desired BODY WEIGHT, to normalize their BLOOD SUGAR, to lower their bad CHOLESTEROL levels, and prevent CARDIOVASCULAR disease, (yes heart attacks).

Get more info on our Website = GOOD-LIFE-For-All

Here is my interview with the Doctor’s wife: Mrs. Jan Bloom =Short interview: http://youtu.be/fL8rvvQrjL0

About 30% of our team are medical professionals. The products are natural and it’s listed in the Physicians’ Desk Reference (PDR) which means Doctors recommend it to their patients – 15 years already.

We are helping people in more than THIRTY TWO Countries to MAKE LIFE BETTER and help people generate an income.


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Statistics to be concerned about – OBESITY

Canada, like many nations, is in the midst of an epidemic of overweight and obesity.  During 2013, nearly 60% of adult Canadians are either overweight or obese.  United States is slightly more and Mexico is even higher.

This call for serious action plans and we can help.

 >  > >  Solution  to OBESITY<  <  <

There has been a dramatic increase in unhealthy weights in children.  In 1978, only 15% of children were overweight or obese.  By 2007, Statistics Canada found that 29% of adolescents had unhealthy weights.  Most adolescents DO NOT outgrow this problem (so called baby fat)  in fact, many continue to gain excess weight.  If current trends continue, by 2040, up to 70% of adults aged 40 years will be either overweight or obese.

Adults who have unhealthy weights are at increased risk of heart disease, cancer, strokes and type-2 diabetes.  In 2005, the total cost of obesity to Canadians was $4.3 billion; $1.8 billion in indirect healthcare costs, and $2.5 billion in indirect costs.  Affected adults may die up to 3 to 7 years earlier than counterparts with a healthy weight.

The resultant toll in dollar’s cost and lives lost is a call for action.  Obesity is difficult to reverse and public health measures must include effective prevention beginning in childhood as well as treatment.

 Doctors suggest these FOUR steps:

FIVE fruits and vegetables each day

Limit to 2 hours of electronic screen exposure (any screen)

One hour of physical ACTIVITIES

ZERO sugar sweetened beverage

Obesity can be reversed with these products, they are listed in the PDR (Physicians Desk Reference)

>  > >  Get more information here < <


Stop Obesity NOW

Stop Obesity NOW

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UNICITY weight Products are listed in the

Physicians’ Desk Reference (PDR)

Are you one of over 200 million North Americans that are suffering weight problems, diabetic or pre-diabetic? Have you tried every diet that comes along to help you achieve the level of health, well-being and weight appearance you desire? Are you looking for a legitimate method to achieve a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life?

If you answered YES to any of the items above, your search has ended: Unicity Sciences introduces the Make Life Better Transformation experience. Unicity Sciences, a leader in health sciences for over 100 years, has developed a revolutionary experience that will transform you for the rest of your life.

>>> www.GoodLife4All.net <<<


The Make Life Better Transformation experience is a custom lifestyle shift for anyone wanting to take charge of the state of their health and overall well-being.

The Transformation experience is designed to help you achieve results while greatly increasing your ability to maintain these successes throughout your life. To achieve this objective, your Transformation will evolve over a 90 day period.

My wife and I teamed up with some Medical and Business professionals, now I have the distribution rights to products to help people increase their energy levels, help Type 2-Diabetes, achieve the desired body weight, normalize their blood sugar, lower their bad cholesterol levels, and prevent cardiovascular attacks.

How awesome is that.


>> More details are listed here <<<




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Unleashed Potential

>>  See YOUR Potential  <<


Your potential does NOT need to be found, but rather UNLEASHED. So let it flow and make a difference in other peoples’ lives. Everyone has unlimited potential and it can be unleashed by focusing on your deep desire consistently.

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Team up with our Medical and Business professionals.

We help each other as part of the TEAM in more than 34 countries.


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>>>>  Get your FAT burning slice here <<<<


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